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Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities (2017-18)



Students  of  F. C .  C ol l eg e  for  W om en,  Hi s ar  pa r ti c i pa ted  i n  3 2  ev ents  i n  I nter  Z ona l Y outh  F es t i v a l  hel d  a t G J U  S& T ,  Hi s a r  fr om  1 s t to 4 th  N ov . , 2 0 17 . Mus k a Sha r m a  of B . A . I I i n c l a s s i c a l I ns t. Sol o, K om a l of B . A . I i n C l a s s i ca l M us i c V oc a l Sol o a nd Fol k Song Ha r y a nv (Sol o) a nd  Ha r y a nv i G r oup  Song  s tood  1 s t i the  fes ti v a l .  C heta Sha r m a  of B . C om  I  i n  L i g ht  M us i c  V oca l  (Sol o)  a nd  I ndi a n  C l a s s i c a l  O r c hes tr a  s tood  Sec ond. Ha r y a nv i  G r oup  D a nc e  s tood  fi r s t  a nd  G ener a l  G r oup  Da nc e  s tood  s ec ond.  Sa ns k r i t P l a y a nd M i m e g ot Sec ond pos i ti on i n t he fes ti v a l . I n th e f i el d of fi ne a r ts P r i y a nk a o f B . A .  II I  i n  pos ter  m a k i ng  a nd  N eel am  of  B . A .  I I  i n  ca r tooni ng  g ot  1 st  pos i ti on  w hi l e M oni k a of B . A . I i n R a ng ol i g ot 2 nd pr i z e i n the ev en t. O ur c ol l eg e w a s dec l a r ed ov er a l 3 r d i n the Y outh F es ti v a l .





The students of Fateh Chand College participated in Classical Music Vocal, Haryanvi Group Song, Ragini and Rituals in District (Open) Level Youth Festival held at Bal Bhawan, HSR on 18.11.2017 an19.11.2017. Ragini, Rituals and Haryanvi Group Dance stood first, whereas, Classical Music Vocal go2nd position. 1st position holders were given a cash prize of Rs. 1000/- and 2nd position holders were given Rs. 750/- in cash. F.C. College was declared overall champion in the fest.


State (Open) level youth fest was organised in Kaithal from 24th Nov. to 26th Nov., 2017. Here team of Ragini stood first and team of Rituals got 3rd prize. Team of Haryanvi Group Dance also gave their performance in the festival. On this event, team of Ragini had got Rs. One Lac/- cash prize anteam  of rituals goRs. 50,000/- acash  prize. Komal  of B.A. Ist,  Arshdeep  of B.A.  III  and Sobhagya of B.A. I were the members of Ragini team and Komal was the main singer in this team. This team will further participate in National Level Youth Festival.





·         Three day NatyaUtsav was organised in the college from 16-08-2017 to 18-08-2017 on the occasion of Haryana Swarna Jayanti by Haryana Kala Parishad, Multi Art Cultural Centre and Ras Kala Manch Safidon, Haryana. On 16-08-2017 two stories of Munshi Premchand “Shatranj ke Khiladiand Bade Bhai Sahab were inacted on the stage under the direction of Shri Ravimohan.


·           On 17-08-2017 Äang Tarang Nritya was performed by Haryana Kala Parishad directed by Mrs. Dipti Dhamija.


·           On 18-08-2017 Dr. Satish Kashyap and Dr. Sandhya presented a Shiv Parvati Swang for the students. The objective of all these performances was to make the students aware of their Culture and traditions.






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