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ECO Club

ECO Club

1.     Goals/Objectives of Department:-
The sole purpose of the Eco club is to bring in and instil in the minds of students the need to lead an eco friendly life. Eco club is a voluntary group of 25 students which promotes the participation of students in learning about and improving their environment. We motivate students to imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation, source separation of waste and disposing the waste to the nearest storage point.
2.     Activities (2017-18):-

·         11/8/2017 :- organised Tree Plantation in Collaboration with N.S.S. Many ornamental, fruit & Medicinal Plants were planted in college campus.


·         21/08/2017 :-  Promoted cycling in college morning Assembly by giving incentives to the students.


·         04/09/17 :-  Motivated  students  on  conservation  of  natural  recourses  by  making  use  opublic transport, switching off lights & turning taps off when not in use in college morning Assembly.


·         01/08/18-15/01/18 :-  in collaboration with N.S.S., Eco club organised SwachhtaPakhwada”.


·         26/03/2018 :- Blood donation camp was organised with the collaboration of N.S.S.   Women Cell, Red cross, Red Ribbon Club and Eco Club in which 17 units of blood were collected.




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