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Department of Math

Goals /Objectives of Department
The aim of department is to provide mathematics majors with a collection of skills that will help students transition to careers involving mathematics. Students should develop strong critical thinking skills, analytical skills and problem solving tactics.
Future Career Prospects
Mathematics offers a huge variety of career opportunities. It is important to plan ahead and know about your options. In India mostly students take up teaching as a career after their graduation or post-graduation in maths. However there are many other career options which you can choose to with mathematics.
Apart from teaching, the following organisation/departments are open for students to have a great career in mathematics
Opportunities in government organisations
  • ISRO (The Indian Space Research Organisation)
  • DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation)
  • NAL (National Aeronautics Limited)
  • These organisations need mathematicians to solve sophisticated mathematical problems related to their respective research areas of space, defence and aeronautics.
Opportunities in Private Industries
  • IT companies are another good option, where they need mathematicians to work in their research department. With every little thing having a computerised chip inside, the complexities involved in calculations and design of these things need expert mathematicians at its core.
  • Banks and Insurance companies needs mathematicians who combines maths and stats to come up with various financial models / products (eg. loans, investments etc.). Only a skilled mathematician is able to calculate and reason to design such complex and critical financial models.
  • Biotechnology companies needs students with strong academic background in biology and mathematics for their research.

Opportunities in the field of Teaching

Teaching is always a good option as the salary package offered are decent from the entry level to lecturers and professors. With the number of institutions coming up every day we have lack of supply to the surging demand of lecturers/professors. Hence, teaching as a career has always been in demand and we have vacant jobs for specialists in institutions more than the number of students passing out every year.

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