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Music Instrumental

Department of Music Instrumental

1. Goals/Objectives of Department:-
To impart practical training in Indian Classical music, department prepares students for getting post of music teacher & lecturer in reputed schools, colleges and universities and train them for participation in various competitions, functions at state and national level competitions.
2. Future Career Prospects:-
There is demand in all modern schools and colleges for teachers in music, who know the subject practically.
3. Activities (2017-18):-

Mus k a n  Sha r m a  of B . A . I Ind s tood  1 s t i n C l a s s i c a l I ns t. Sol o   a nd  I ndi a n  C l a s s i c a l  Orc hes tr a  s tood  Second in Youth Festival held in GJU S&T, Hisar from 01 Nov.2017 to 04 Nov. 2017. 

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Ph. No. +91-1662-234682, 271634


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