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NCC develops a sense of responsibility, self-reliance and qualities of character and courage with a view to make cadets useful citizens of the Nation. It imparts collective training to cadets and  inculcates in them the qualities of leadership, comradeship, spirit of community living and National integration. NCC also  inculcates the feeling of selfless service and takes certain amount of risk/hardship and instills  discipline and  prepare the Cadets for certificate “A”, “B” and “C” examination.
Activities (2017-18):

1 07 Cadets participated in CATC & Pre-RDC organised at Rohtak.

2 04 Cadets participated in All India NCC Girls Trekking camp in Baijnath-Paprola (Himachal

Pradesh) and 01 cadet won Gold Medal.

3 05 Cadets participated in ThalSainik Camp Organised at Darolli. Nidhi secured Gold Medal in shooting in that camp.

4 19  Cadets  participated  in  15th    August  parade  at  Mahabir  stadium  in  2017  and  won


5 03 Cadets participated in ThalSainik Camp and Nidhi got Silver medal in shooting and got selected for All India ThalSainik Camp.

6 Under officer Nidhi participated in All India ThalSainik Camp 2017 in Delhi along with NCC

officer SunitaRaheja .

7 05 Cadets participated in CATC and Pre-RDC at Rohtak.

8 03 cadets participated in Regular Army attachment camp at Ambala Cantt and 01 Cadet won

Gold Medal.

9 SoniyaDuhanparticipated in Officer Training Academy, Chennai and was selected as Section

Commander of Directorates of Punjab,Haryana,Himachal Pradesh ,Chandigarh &Uttrakhand

& Maharasthra.

10) 03 Cadets participated in Pre-RDC Camp in Ropar.

11) Mamta Phaugat participated in RDC 2018 and represented Haryana,Punjab,Himachal  and

Chandigarh Directorate and secured the position of Army Wing Commander at all India level.



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