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To facilitate the coordination between parents and teachers, the college organizes PTA regularly. It acts as a bridge between them and helps make better decisions in the interest of the students and the college as well. This year PTA was held on Aug, 17, 2017.More than hundred parents attended the meet. They were given important information about the schedule of assignments and tests of their wards, the facilities of labs and library the students can avail and also hold about the rules and regulations  which  armandatory  for  students  tobserve.  They  were  also  told  about  the achievements of college in sports, cultural and academics. The parents of the achievers were honoured.


The parents met with the teachers of their wards and enquired about the performance of their children.


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F C College For Women Near Devi Bhawan Mandir, Mohana Mandi, Hisar -125 001, Haryana,India

Ph. No. +91-1662-234682, 271634


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